Welcome to Precision Energy Services Inc.

Precision Energy Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality technical services in the renewable energy field. It is our commitment providing services of the greatest satisfaction to our customers, maintaining a high level of professionalism and safety unparalleled within our industry.

PES Provides Consulting, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and O&M services for all types of combustion and gasification technology as well as steam, heat and power generation from solid fuels.

What Can Precision Energy do for you ?


Working with our clients and their potential projects, PES has the knowledge to ask the right questions as well as the experience and engineering skills to accurately evaluate and assess the client’s project needs. By correctly applying business/analytical tools to quickly and efficiently arrive at the crucial answers is where PES provides the greatest value to a prospective energy project owner, operator, developer or investor.


PES is a vendor-neutral company providing the best possible solutions for our clients. PES maintains a relationship with a large database of vendors enabling us to provide procurement services for new or retrofit projects.

Construction Services

PES provides construction completion with safety and efficiency. Our construction services create Successfully completed projects on time and within Budget.

Operations & Maintenance

PES has provided O&M services for over 10 years. Our energy system expertise includes fluid bed combustion and gasification, heat exchangers, thermal oil heaters, material handling systems and fly ash systems, as well as, general industrial construction services and repairs.